Nanda Devi East base Camp Trek | Trekking In Uttrakhand | Best Treks In Uttrakhand

    Nanda Devi East Base Camp Trek In Kumaon Himalayan Region  Of  Uttrakhand- Nanda Devi East Base Camp Trek Suited At An Altitude Of Abve 4100+ MTS From The Sea Level , Also Known As Sunanda Devi , Nanda Devi Is The 2nd Tallest Peak In India After Kanchanjungha , It’s Became The Sole Route To Trekkers To Attest The Beauty Of The Twin Peaks Nanda Devi and Nanda Devi East. Trek Will Be Start From The Munsyari Which Is 120… Read More »

    Dhakuri and Majua Hills Karmi Camping In Kumaon Hills | Camping in Uttrakhand | Camping Packages For Uttrakhand

      Camping Trip’s In Bageshwar District Of Kumaon Hills Uttrakhand India – If You Are Looking For Adventure Camping in Kumaon Uttrakhand Then We Suggest You To Must Try Out Some New Site Around Kumaon Region Some Of These Are Here “”Majua Hills Karmi and Dhakuri”  Both Are On The Same Route For Pindari Glacier Trek , Majua Hills is a beautiful site for camping but it’s did’t explored before , Here You Will Get 360 degree view of Nature and… Read More »

      Milam and Nanda Devi East Base Camp Trek | Trekking In Uttrakhand | Glacier in Uttrakhand |

        Milam and Nanda Devi East Base Camp Trek Milam and Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek On The Same Route To Go Nanda Devi Glacier  , As The Nanda Devi Peak Is The 2nd Tallest peak in India , While Travelling Here Lot’s Of Things To Explore , We Have Mentioned The Details Below  About  Both Treks Including All The Facts About Trip . Milam Glacier Trek (Altitude – 3872 . MTS) Milam Glacier opens new doors to understanding the way… Read More »

        Heeramani Namik Glacier Trekking | Tour Packages in Uttrakhand |Trekking in Uttrakhand |

          Heeramani Namik Glacier Trekking Tour Details –   The Heeramani Namik Glacier Trek Located on the Kumaon Himalayas At An Altitude Of 3,600 MTS . It’s The Most Nostalgic Place In The World Surrounded By The Major Peaks Like Nanda Devi (7,848 m), Nanda Kot (6,861 m), And Trishul (7,120 m). The Presence of number of waterfalls and Sulphur springs originating around this glacier is the most refurbishing attraction of the area. It’s 40 km from Munsiyari and situated at… Read More »

          Namik Glacier Trek |

            Namik Glacier Trek in Kumaon Hills Uttrakhand- Namik Glacier Trek Located On The Kumaon Himalayas At An Altitude Of 3,600 mtrs , It’s The Most Nostalgic Place In The World Surrounded By Major Peaks Like Nanda Devi (7,848 m), Nanda Kot (6,861 m), and Trishul (7,120 m). The Presence Of Number Of Waterfalls & Sulphur Springs Originating Around This Glacier Is The Most Refurbishing Attraction Of The Area. It is 40 km From Munsyari And Situated At The Village Of… Read More »

            Roopkund Trek For 7 Days ! Trekking in Uttrakhand |

              Roopkund ( The Mysterious Lake ) Trek in Garhwal Region Of Uttrakhand Himalaya . Roopkund Trek Grade :- Moderate To Difficult Max Altitude :- 15,696 Ft. Roopkund, the magical lake, often makes me fall short of words. The beauty of the place and the journey taken to reach there is incomparable. Roopkund Trek, the name every serious trekker in the country surely knows. Roopkund Lake, a place very close to the heart of those who’ve been there before. The place… Read More »

              Dodital Trek | Trekking in Uttrakhand | Camping in Uttrakhand |

                Trekkking in Garhwal Region Of Uttrakhand Himalaya –  Dodital Trek In Uttrakashi District Of Uttrakhand India An Altitude Of 3085 MTS. From The Sea Level.  The Name Indicate Dodital Gets It’s  Name From Dodi Which Means Trout In  Local Language So Another  Name Of  Lake Is Dhundital  Because According To Legend This Is  Birthplace Of Lord Ganesha  And  Dhundi Is His Symbol. There Is A Beautiful Freshwater Lake Situated Which Is Quite A Heavenly Sight For Eyes. According To  Legend’s… Read More »

                Om Parvat Adi Kailash Trekking | Trek in Uttrakhand | Trekking Packages For Uttrakhand

                  Adi Kailash Om Parvat Trek Tour Detail – Adi Kailash Om Parvat Trek This Magical Mountain Is Standing Tall At An Altitude Of 6191 MTS. In The Dharchula District. It is Quite Known for Its Strong Religious And Adventure Connect Also, It Is Believed That The Mountain Has A Miraculous Nature. One Thing, Which Makes This Mountain Look Apart From Other Himalayan Ranges Is Its OM Shape, Which Is Formed By The By Deposition Of Snow On The Black Mountain.… Read More »

                  Sunderdhunga, Maiktoli Glaciers Trekking | Glaciers in Uttrakhand | Trekking in Uttrakhand | Treks in Uttrakhand

                    Sunderdhunga  & Maiktoli Glacier Trek Altitude :- 3200 mtrs to 6050 mtrs. Sunderdhunga Glacier Located in Bageshwar District of Kumaon Himalayn Region Of Uttrakhand India , Other Famous Glaciers Around This Glacier Are Maiktoli Glacier (6,804 MTS) And Sukhram Glacier And Main Peaks Are Tharkot (6,100 MTS), Mrigthuni (6,856 MTS), Maiktoli (6,804 MTS) And Pawali Dwar (6,663 MTS). On The Same Route To Pindari & kafni Glacier’s And Separating Before Khati Village . It’s Literally Means Valley Of Beautiful Stones. It Is… Read More »

                    Majua Hills Karmi | New Camping Site in Kumaon Hills Uttrakhand | Camping in Uttrakhand

                      Majua Hills Karmi New Camping Site in Uttrakhand Trip Details – Are You Thinking About Camping in Uttrakhand ? Then Try This Site Once, Here  Brilliantly colored butterflies warm their wings in the sunshine and exotic scarlet and emerald-green birds flit between the treetops. You Will  learn to identify the Voice Of  jungle . Out in this site, before the sunrise, the cotton clouds come to greet you .The crisp air at the crack of the dawn caresses your unruly… Read More »

                      Culture Tour Pindar Valley | Culture Tour in Uttrakhand | Tour Packages For Uttrakhand

                        Culture Tour in Pindar Valley in Kumaon Hills Uttrakhand India –  Are you someone who wants a bit of adventure in your holiday? Then,Must Join Us For Culture Tour In Uttrakhand . We Suggest You To Visit Danpur Ghati Villages  Would Be Just About Perfect. You Can Also Volunteer Here For Any Extended Period Of Time In Any Capacity. Become The Guest Manager, Get Involved In Their Marketing Or Simply Become An Organic Farmer And Get Closer To Nature.  The… Read More »

                        Kafni Glacier Trek | Glacier Trekking in Uttrakhand | Trekking in Uttrakhand |

                          Kafni Glacier Trek Kafni Glacier Trek ,Located in Bageshwar District Of Kumaon Himalayan Region Uttrakhand India At An Elevation Of  3,860 MTS . Above The Sea Level It’s Situated On The East Side Of Pindari Glacier & South of Nanda kot peak . It’s One Of The Hubs For Trekkers In The Uttrakhand Region And Also One Of The Popular Trekking Destinations in the Indian Himalayan Range That Can Be Accessed During The Summer & Autumn Seasons. The Region Has Its Own… Read More »

                          Pindari Glacier Trekking For 7 Days | Trekking in Kumaon | Trekking in Uttrakhand | Tour Packages For Uttrakhand

                            Trekking To Pindari Glacier Kumaon Himalayan Region Of Uttrakhand. Pindari Glacier Trek Located In Kumaon Himalayan Region  Bageshwar Distrcit Of Uttrakhand India .To The Southeast Of Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot. It’s a Big & Steep Glacier Measuring 3.2km in Length & 1.5km in Breadth, Zero Point of This Glacier is Situated At a Breathtaking Altitude of 3,660mts Above The Sea-Level & 5 km Ahead Of Phurkia. It Is The Source Of “Pindar River” Which Meets With “Alaknanda River”  At The Confluence Of… Read More »